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Admission application

We help students get admission into suitable schools


Work Permits

We help students obtain their work permits


University selection

There are courses offered in suitable universities scattered across desirable destinations.  They include: USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia etc.

We help prospective students find the best universities, focusing on those that have recognition in offering excellent education, studied in the most suitable environments, and at the most reasonable cost to students. The prospect will be helped all the way to taking final decisions about their preferred institutions.


Scholarship guidance

We give reliable information about the availability of scholarships and help prospects with the scholarships application process. 


Visa Assistance

We provide detailed information regarding the visa process and help students with their visa applications. We provide the latest updates on visa application requirements, immigration policies and visa checklists.


Test preparations

We facilitate international test preparations in SAT, GRE, GMAT, IELTS and TOEFL


Apply for university admission with us today.